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Covid-19 has taken a serious toll on the restaurant industry.

SGI is here to support you as best we can.

Has your location suspended operation, or is it operating a a reduced volume?

We understand that servicing your grease trap is likely the LAST thing on your mind.

However, did you know…
 – Grease trap inspectors are still enforcing pumping and cleaning requirements.
 – Leaving grease sitting in your grease trap for an extended amount of time with little or no hot water entering on a daily basis is likely to lead to significant plumbing problems when you do start back up kitchen operations.

Avoid fines, citations, and plumbing problems by having SGI perform a DISCOUNTED, thorough cleaning of your grease trap prior to a long shut down.

1500 gallon traps as low as $195

3000 gallon traps as low at $395

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SGI is dedicated to helping restaurant operators make it through this rough time, while also ensuring 100% Compliance and avoid plumbing problems upon returning to normal operations.


The Fox Theatre chooses SGI

Emory University chooses SGI


Coca-Cola chooses SGI

Why Atlanta chooses SGI

Atlanta-owned and operated, we are small enough to give your facility the detailed attention it deserves, but big enough to handle the most complex operations. We are Atlanta’s choice for grease trap, fryer oil, composting services.

From individual “mom & pop” locations, to multi-location franchises, to universities, sports facilities, and institutions … We’ve got you covered. Join the hundreds of Atlanta food service operations that have already made the wise choice to let Southern Green Industries serve their grease trap, fryer oil, and food waste composting needs.

Our “No Contract” policy guarantees we will always provide our environmentally responsible grease trap cleaning, fryer oil recycling, and food waste composting services at the best rates with the high quality your operation requires.


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No Contract Required

We want you to work with us because you choose to, not because you are stuck in a contract. Love us, or leave us! Our ‘No Contract’ policy for grease trap, fryer oil, composting services means we always have to provide you with great service and competitive rates, otherwise we know you could cancel at any time. This is your guarantee we will always to exceed your expectations.


But if you do need a SERVICE AGREEMENT… for your permit, or regulators, we are happy to provide a non-binding agreement. Use the form below, and we will generate an agreement and return it to you via email.


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Environmentally Responsible

Caring for the environment is important to you and your customers,
but often choosing “green” services results in higher costs.

Not anymore.
We not only provide the greenest grease trap, fryer oil, composting services options for you, but also offer the best rates available.
Contact us to see how we can get you a better deal on your oil & grease, and make your establishment more environmentally friendly.

100% Compliance Guaranteed!

Never worry about a grease trap citation or violation again. We keep you in compliance and will work directly with you regulator to ensure you facility is in compliance ALL the time. Don’t risk fines, or even possible shut downs. Work with SGI and rest assured.