Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Great rates, reliable service, eco-friendly, and 100% compliance guaranteed.

Cooking Oil Recycling

Highest rebates, reliable service, eco-friendly, no contract required.

Composting Services

Atlanta food waste composting service from Southern Green Industries: Stop sending your food residuals to the landfill! How it works If your kitchen produces food scraps, give us a call. ...

Atlanta’s NO CONTRACT grease, oil & organics service

From Quick-Serve to Fine Dining, from Catering to Food Manufacturing …
SGI provides the best rates and service for grease trap cleaning, cooking oil recycling, and organics composting solutions that enable you to improve our planet while improving your bottom line.


– Great rates on grease trap services.

– Transparent rebates for used cooking oil.

– Food residuals composting done right.



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Caring for the environment is important to you and your customers,
but often choosing “green” services results in higher costs.

Not anymore.
We not only provide the greenest option for you, but also offer the best rates available.
Contact us to see how we can get you a better deal on your oil & grease, and make your establishment more environmentally friendly.