Recurring Service & Credit Card Authorization

To authorize Southern Green to service your grease trap on a recurring basis, and to charge your credit card after each service is performed, fill out the below form.

After submitting the form, an SGI representative will contact you at the phone number to get the full credit card details from you over the phone.

If you prefer, you are also welcome to call SGI directly at (404)419-6887 to provide the credit card details.

Select how often you require your trap to be serviced:

I authorize Southern Green Industries to service my grease trap on a recurring basis, and charge the credit card referenced above, on a recurring basis until further written or email cancellation notice.

Please note, Weekly service is every 7 days, Bi-Weekly is every 14 days, Monthly is every 4 weeks, Bi-Monthly is every 8 weeks, Quarterly is every 12 weeks, Bi-annual is every 26 weeks, and Annual is every 52 weeks.