Ditch the Grease Bin! Integrated Oil Mgmt Systems

Ditch the unsightly grease bin!

and the mess, smell, nuisance and liability…and opt for an SGI “integrated oil management system” (iOMS).

Our iOMS suck the oil right from your fryer and transport it directly to a sealed oil storage tank. These systems feature these benefits:

  • Eliminates that messy, smelly grease bin, and associated nuisances.
  • Eliminates the risk of injury (and worker comp. claims) associated with handling hot fryer oil.
  • Eliminates the risk and messes associated with carrying pots of oil out to an oil bin.
  • Eliminates oil and grease spills.
  • Stops oil theft.

IOMs Fryer Oil and Grease Removal System - Ditch the Grease Bin

iOMS system at Lure