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Atlanta fryer oil recycling 

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Atlanta Fryer Oil Recycling


Commercial Fryer Oil recycling

How it works

Our Atlanta fryer oil recycling service couldn’t be simpler – If your restaurant or commercial kitchen has a deep fryer or waste cooking grease, give us a call.


1. First, we will deliver you a FREE oil collection container suited to your operation’s volume and location.
2. Next, your staff disposes of your used fryer oil and grease into the provided oil container.
3. Then we collect the oil on a regular schedule, recycle it into biodiesel, and pay you top dollar for it.


Get paid for every drop!


How we are different:

  • 100% Honest and transparent cooking oil accounting.

    Often other vendors will tell you they are paying you a great rate per gallon (or per pound) for your oil, the question is… are they reporting when and how many gallons they are collecting? Might their seemingly “great” rate be being offset by inaccurate reporting?
    How do you know for sure?

    At SGI, we avoid this situation by providing you with a detailed pickup history with every payment.
    We also provide 24/7 online account access with pickup history that shows you every oil pickup date and quantity, allowing you 100% transparent accounting.
    By comparing your oil pickup totals to your oil purchase totals (minus reasonable loss due to cooking) you can ensure you are getting paid a fair rate, for every drop.

  • One size does not fit all.

    Your operation is unique, and so are your needs.
    SGI offers several different options for how your oil is managed, stored, and collected.
    We offer many different oil containers, ranging in size from 5 to 500 gallons.
    If one of those is not right for you, no problem. We fabricate all of our equipment at our facility here in Atlanta so we can custom build the equipment that will suit your requirements.

    atlanta fryer oil recycling service

    One size does not fit all!

    Or..Ditch the bin all together
    and opt for an SGI “integrated oil management system” (iOMS).Our iOMS suck the oil right from your fryer and transport it directly to a sealed oil storage tank. These systems feature these benefits:

    • Eliminates that messy, smelly oil bin, and associated nuisances.
    • Eliminates the risk of injury (and worker comp. claims) associated with handling hot fryer oil.
    • Eliminates the risk and messes associated with carrying pots of oil out to an oil bin.
    • Eliminates oil theft.
    Lure tank

    iOMS system at Lure


  • As green as it gets

    In additional to the best economic value, working with SGI will reduce your operations negative environmental impact. What makes SGI so green?

    • 100% of all recovered cooking oils get recycled into cleaner-burning biodiesel, a direct replacement for petroleum-based diesel fuel. To learn more about biodiesel, click here.
    • 100% of our fleet runs on recycled content biodiesel. From largest tractor-trailer rigs right down to our sales reps’ cars, we use biodiesel in all of our vehicles.
    • Zero landfill recycling. Did you know that even those little bits of fried junk you toss out with your fryer oil gets put to use? At SGI we compost all food residuals recovered from your oil, and we treat and recycle all the water, making our recycling operation zero-landfill.
Residential Fryer Oil recycling

While we are not able to pick up used fryer oil from your home, we do have resources/locations where you can drop off your used oil and grease at no charge.
Click here for Atlanta area residential fryer oil resources