Composting Services

Composting Services

atlanta compost service

Atlanta food waste composting service from Southern Green Industries:

Stop sending your food residuals to the landfill!

How it works

If your kitchen produces food scraps, give us a call.

1. We will give you a quote based on the amount and location of your food scraps.
2. We will provide you will all equipment needed.
3. We will remove food residuals on regular frequent basis to avoid odor and nuisance issues, and convert it to nutrient rich compost.

It’s that easy.

Use SGI for oil recycling, grease trap servicing, and now food waste composting and get a great package deal!

35 Gallon Food Watse Composting Herbie-Curbie

35 Gallon Food Residual Herbie-Curbie

Check out the E.P.A.’s website on food waste reduction.

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