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Grease trap services from SGI:

From the smallest under-sink “in-kitchen” interceptors, to the largest multi-tank outdoor “in-ground” traps, you can count on SGI to provide superior grease trap services with great rates. Join the hundreds of Atlanta-area discerning food service operators who have chosen SGI.

How it works

It couldn’t be simpler – If you have a grease trap in the greater Atlanta area, give us a call at (404)419-6887.

1. We will give you a quote based on the size and type of your grease trap.
2. We will pump, clean, and service it regularly on a schedule determined by your local regulator.
3. We will provide you and your regulator printed, emailed .pdf, and/or online manifests for your records.

It’s that easy, and cheaper!

By using Southern Green Industries as your grease trap service provider and your oil recycler, you can lower your bills by applying the value of your recycled oils as a credit against your grease trap service bill.

More information regarding our Atlanta grease trap service:

What is a grease trap?

A grease trap, (also known as a grease interceptor) is a specially designed tank that is connected to your kitchen’s plumbing between kitchen drain lines and sanitary sewer lines. Grease traps capture the fats, oils, grease (FOG) and food solids that enters kitchen drain lines from food service activities such as food preparation, dishwashing and cleaning. The purpose of the grease trap is to prevent the FOG and food solids from entering the sewer system where they would accumulate and eventually lead to a sewer system backup and or overflow.

Why is proper grease trap maintenance so important?

A well properly maintained grease trap keeps your kitchen drain lines  flowing, so your kitchen operations can run clog free.  A poorly operating or improperly maintained grease trap will allow FOG to enter sewer lines, and can lead to costly plumbing clogs and backups.



Properly cleaned “in-kitchen” grease trap

Who is my grease trap regulator?

Atlanta : City of Atlanta Watershed Protection Grease Management

Fulton County: Fulton County Commercial Pretreatment

Clayton County: Clayton County Water Authority

Cobb County: Cobb County Water System Grease Management

Dekalb County : Dekalb County FOG

Gwinnett County : Gwinnett County FOG


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