Southern Green Industries is an Atlanta-owned and operated small business.

We provide cooking oil recycling, grease trap pumping, and food residuals/organics composting service to the foodservice industry in the greater Atlanta area.

We specialize in the utilization of by-product fats, oils and greases (F.O.G.) for conversion into alternatives including Biodiesel. To achieve this, we provide used cooking oil recycling services and grease-trap pumping to a growing client base including restaurants, commercial kitchens, and food manufacturing facilities.

We are committed to the recovery of oils and fats for use as raw material for locally produced alternative fuels, as opposed to using it for industrial animal feed (see below).

  • We walk the walk – We operate all of our vehicles on biodiesel made from recycled oils, this includes our semi-trucks, vacuum collection trucks, service trucks, and even our sales representatives’ passenger cars.
    Our owners have been active advocates for local biodiesel in the Atlanta area for over 10 years, and were instrumental in the founding of Atlanta’s first public biodiesel filling station.
  • Top notch – Southern Green Industries operates a D.O.T. approved fleet and are a registered Georgia F.O.G. hauler, carrying over $4M in insurance.

Our Philosophy –

Highest Value…for all.

At Southern Green Industries, we believe in “highest value,” and that there is more to this than just bottom-line economics.
To us, there is no such thing as “waste”. Instead, we view waste simply as resources in the wrong place. Finding the best destination for those resources results in putting that “waste” to use at its highest value.

To some, this value has only to with economic value. At Southern Green Industries we certainly understand economic value, however we believe there is a bigger picture. Quite frankly, we could probably make more money in the short-term if we focused solely on economic value. The recovered oils and fats that we process could easily be sold as a commodity to the animal feed market, but considering our nation’s dependency on imported oil, our local air quality (or lack of it!), and an unclear understanding of global climate change, we feel using recovered fats as a transitional alternative fuel simply makes the most sense for all of us.

We also have concerns regarding the practice of using recovered fats and oils as ingredients in animal feed. While we don’t pretend to know much about farming, we do tend to think that natural is usually better. Current industrial factory farming of animals, which relies heavily on recovered crude fats, seems far from natural to us. Factory farming also has negative environmental and food safety implications. Until we understand more, we choose to lean towards the natural end of the spectrum.

We know that biodiesel will not solve all these issues, but we do feel it is an important step in the right direction, and that it can serve as one of many pieces in solving the puzzle of our future energy, environmental, and food security.

Social Responsibility

To Southern Green, there is more to running a business is more than just the bottom line. We are committed to being a valuable asset to our community. Atlanta is a diverse and vibrant community and SGI embraces this through providing employment for a diverse multi-cultural, multi-generational staff.

9to5Southern Green is proud member and supporter of 9 to 5 the National Association of Working Women, and we believe in equity in the workplace, living wages, and work/family balance.

ACFB.orgThrough our partnership and support of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, we demonstrate our commitment to helping those in our community in need. You too can get involved by working with SGI via our FryerGood program.