- Raise money for your church.

- Help the environment by reducing pollution.

- Reduce our dependency on imported oil by supporting alternative fuels.

- Provide your congregation with a responsible way to dispose of fryer oil.

Did you know... that used cooking oil that most people throw away actually has value?
It's true, but most people do not have a place they can take it to be recycled...Until now!

Call SGI today, we will bring your church a free oil collection container. No Cost. No Contract.


How it works:

- SGI provides your church with a free oil collection container
- SGI provides you will information to distribute to your congregation to educate them about the program.
- SGI's professional staff collects the oil from your container, and pays you for the oil collected.

It's that simple!


About us

By recycling 100% of oil we collect into LOCALLY made BIODIESEL, we demonstrate our commitment to the environment every day.
Atlanta-owned and operated, we are small enough to know you, but big enough to provide prompt, professional, high quality service.
Our professional staff has been providing clients ranging from individual Mom & Pop establishments to restaurant groups and chains. We provide oil and grease solutions in an ever-growing service area in the southeast.
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What Do We Do


Fryer Oil Recycling.
We PAY YOU top dollar for your used fryer oil, and provide all equipment free of charge.


Grease Trap Service.
We provide prompt, reliable grease trap services at great rates.